Sunday, August 27, 2006

Well, what about them Dockers??

Nice to see Peter Bell take out the Glendinning Medal from today's derby. For a moment, I thought the establishment would pick Ben Cousins, or some other Docker wannabee, as best on ground.

Try as he might, there's no way Glendinning could pick old golden boy Judd again, because, frankly, he had a Schammer.

Good on the Wiz too for giving ol' Juddy a touch-up. Perhaps old silken-slipper is a little biff-shy?? Time and Barry Hall will tell.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dock of Seagulls

The Channel 10 commentators were scratching their heads tonight at some wag in the Subiaco crowd who was sporadically ringing a cow bell:

"What is that for?!" asked Robert Walls.

"Peter Bell gets his 23rd posession," replied the other commentator. "Der, I dunno Wallsy."

BTW, Schammer just kicked another goal. Progress score: Dockers 114, St Kilda 54.

Could 2006 see the first Western Derby grand final?

Derby time, derby time across WA. Derby time, derby time, hey, hey, hey.

Best banner at the footy tonight:


Saints cop a Schammering

I just saw Byron Schammer kick a goal. What's going on?!?!

Dockers leading 68-31.

I take back what I said two blogs ago.

Shaun on his side

Rove Live as a chat show is no longer buzzin'.
The best thing about Rove Live now is his cousin.

Hung, drawn in quarters

After the Dockers murdered the Crows last weekend, they face a very tough test tonight against the Dockers of the east, otherwise known as St Kilda.

I usually pick the Dockers in the tips because they're a ripper team. This week, however, I'm confused.

If history were the sole guide the Dockers should win, so they won't. Yet, if form over the past century is anything to go by, St Kilda shouldn't win - so perhaps they will.

Think I'll pick a tie.

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Eagle has handed.

With West Coast's win tonight, the AFL Flag has narrowed to a 2 horse race - Adelaide and Fremantle.