Sunday, August 27, 2006

Well, what about them Dockers??

Nice to see Peter Bell take out the Glendinning Medal from today's derby. For a moment, I thought the establishment would pick Ben Cousins, or some other Docker wannabee, as best on ground.

Try as he might, there's no way Glendinning could pick old golden boy Judd again, because, frankly, he had a Schammer.

Good on the Wiz too for giving ol' Juddy a touch-up. Perhaps old silken-slipper is a little biff-shy?? Time and Barry Hall will tell.


At 8:31 pm, Anonymous d said...

I was playing Golf yesterday with an Eagles supporter yesterday when the result came through... most enjoyable

At 9:38 pm, Blogger SuperFreo! said...

I certainly hope you kicked his can, Docker style.


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