Sunday, May 28, 2006


It's been a while, I know, but I'd been busy preparing my costume for the Fremantle multicultural festival which is winding up as I type.

I donned the purple, green, red and white and went as a disaffected Dockers fan.

There were a few of us staggering 'round South Terrace as is turns out.

Bloody Brisbane Lions.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Each way bet leads to debt.

Please note my against-the-odds derby tip - a Dockers win by the slimmest of margins - very nearly came true, with Fremantle winning by less than a goal as the sun set on Subiaco.

I only wish I hadda picked them in my work comp', where my money was riding on it.

Rosella unsavoury rice

I totally agree with Ross Glendenning.

It was very unsavourory when those rotten West Coast Eagles supporters booed poor old Chris Judd after Saturday's derby. Very unsavoury indeed.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Points for persistence

For those who live on the South Pole, the Australian Football League awarded Fremantle the disputed points from last week's game against St Kilda.

The main reason the national footy bureaucrats gave for their exemplary decision was the fact St Kilda is not a real port city on account of it being in Victoria.

Yesterday afternoon, as word of the announcement spread across Fremantle, students, office-workers and prisoners alike streamed from their dank workaday lodgings out onto the historic streets to give thanks to the man who lobbied hardest for the AFL's belated decision - Councillor Les Lauder.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Smash-up Derby

With Chris Judd in such swift, suave form for the West Coast Seagulls, it's hard to pick the Dockers in Saturday's derby.

But, hey, you only live once.

Dockers by a dodgy point after the siren.

Docker logic

Oh, look. You didn't expect me to just leave it at that did you?

I love the Dockers. They're really the only team I could ever support - Brisbane Lions and Collingwood aside. However, they're still at the stage the Lions were at in the late 1990s before they started winning away games consistently.

Except with the Dockers, for away games read pressure games. The really good sides win these by a point. They don't find far-out ways to lose them by a point. Too much indecision and too many skill errors come crunch time costs the Dockers time and again.

That said, St Kilda should do the honourable thing and hand the points to Fremantle. For it is widely recognised the Dockers are the greatest team in the land.

The curse of Launceston

Regarding Sunday's farcical full-time follies, the less said the better.

Needless to say however, the Australian Football League must strip St Kilda of its two points and transfer them to the mighty Fremantle Dockers.