Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Italian connection

Fremantlians, I hope you're sitting down. For I have some rather shocking news, straight from the windblown slopes of Beaconsfield.

Viz: Romano's deli now has a ticket machine at its counter to regulate the queue.

Imagine how impressed I was on Sunday when, waddling in for my three slices of Porchetta and small tub of pickled capsicum, I noticed this startling innovation.

Imagine too, how relieved I felt when one of the local nonnas breezed past the machine and, ticketless, stepped to the counter to get served before me.

Reverse racism and reverse ageism in one - and oh, so very Freo.

Fremantle sea change

So, Matthew Pavlich today took over from Peter Bell as Dockers' cap'n.

Josh Carr will be the Pav's VC, in what Dennis Cometti calls a "scaled down leadership group".

Commetti manago-babble aside, the new combo will work well. A bit like when Tubby Taylor and Steve Waugh took over from Captain Grumpy at the helm of the Aussie cricket side.