Sunday, April 29, 2007

So five minutes ago

Now let's see ...

In the half-hour I have left of this weekend until the Dockers game airs, should I practice all that shorthand I'm rapidly falling behind in?

Or should I mop the house?

Or should I blog?

That's a no-brainer, really.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A place of non-sequence

Well, my recent embarassing outing appears to have cleared the decks, with the Dockers this afternoon winning their first game of the 2007 season against an ageing Melbourne side.

Meanwhile, I've just finished watching an ABC dramatisation on Fremantle's most famous citizen (outside Matthew Pavlich) - Western Australia's own wartime prime minister John Curtin.

Only it turns out ol' JC lived not in the fair port city of Freo but instead in toffy-nosed Cottesloe. So if he had've been the member for Fremantle in this day and age he'd probably have been a bloody West Coast Eagles supporter.

No, I take that back. Despite having to deal with his own Eagles-style addiction demons, history has shown Curtin to be a sensible man with Australia's best interests at heart.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The jig's up

By unwittingly swapping this (and his other two blogs) over to bloody new blogger, and being too slow-witted to create another account before it was all too late, SuperFreo! (i.e. me) has been outed as his alter-ego Grumplestiltskin (i.e. me).

As an avid reader of both gentlemens' blogs, you may have suspected something fishy - with the two coincidentally showing up in the same places, gratuitously linking to one-another, and spookily leaving comments on your site within 25 seconds of each other.

But now it's official. SuperFreo! is dead (except in Grumplestiltskin's head).

Long live Grumplestiltskin.

I was happy in the Hasleby of a drunken hour,

but heaven knows I'm miserable now.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ayeawa, mate.

I wandered down to Fremantle Town last Sunday to see what I could see.

Lo and behold, the place was packed, with the usual Sunday ya-ya being topped up by the West Coast Blues and Roots Festival.

On the roof of the festival's big-top were the Australian flag, the Aboriginal flag, and of course the Jamaican flag.

It was all so very Freo.