Thursday, August 16, 2007

ING, ING a song

The beret-wearers down in old Freo town have their knickers in a twist about the proposed ING development at the port.

To all these baby-booming nairsaywellers who used their redundancy packages to buy up big in the port city when real estate was cheap, and have utterly sterilised it with their calls for zero change, I say chill out a bit and recognise the port is an industrial place.

A bit more industrial-looking architecture down there won't kill ya.

And a few decent shops may actually generate a bitta life down there to help kick along such much-needed infrastructure as a commuter ferry service to Perth.

Moreover, beret-wearers, I join ING's patron saint Billy Connolly in saying: "Why don't you go take a f@!% to yourselves?"


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