Monday, September 25, 2006

Goodes on ya

It's great to see Adam Goodes, who's carried great form into the finals, take out tonight's Chas Brownlow. His counter-attack certainly played a huge part in sinking the Dockers last week.

Let's hope Goodsey takes his excellent form into the grand final.

SuperFreo, way to go. Hit 'em real hard in the Brownbelow.

No disrespect to the current players, Cousins aside, but when I won the first of my three Brownlows it wasn't one of these whussy share things like Herd-burgler/Voss, or Goodes/Riccuito et al.

Nope, when I took out the the 1983 Brownlow for instance, there was no Dermet Brereton, no Leigh Matthews on that stage at the Prince Patrick Hotel. Just me, Ted Whitten, Bert Newton and my Brownlow.

Scott West, young man.

Another exciting thing is seeing Scott West stretching and rotating his neck, in preparation for his Brownlow presentation speech.

I notice too that after his return from the dunny he's stopped drinking - a sure sign he thinks he's in with a shot.

Personally, I'd like to see Akermanis win it again. I think he's sitting at the doggies' table anyway.

Brownlow results

It's a toss-up what's more interesting:

1/ Watching Footscray's Scott West having to wait at the ballroom door for a break in the Brownlow presentation so he can finally relieve his bladder of those half-dozen Crownies, or

2/ Watching the telecast of the pre-season draft.

Results to be published here after the 2007 draft telecast.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Vale Freo

At least we have two 2006 derbies to cling to over the long, cold off-season.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fremantle of success

I see the West Coast Seagulls won their semi tonight. No prizes for second though. The Dockers did the same thing last night. At the same ground too.

Both predictable results, but the tipping from here on in gets a mite difficult. While I can't see the Seagullers beating the Crows in Adelaide next weekend, it would do the Dockers a favour if they did.

Dockers vs Sydney at the Olympic Stadium? You may as well pit Run DMC vs Aerosmith. Sydney is a tough proposition be it in Perth, or abroad in the Eastern States. Still, Freo's flair should carry the day, catapulting them into their first grand final.

Sheesh I hope it's not against the Crows though.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Swan song

As wished for, the Swannies did do the Eagles tonight - by less than a goal. I don't like the Eagles, but I doff my hat to 'em, especially Juddy.

Ben Cousins can get knotted.

Adelaid em on me

It's hard to see how the poor old Dockers could have played better against Adelaide today. They tried their darndest, but as has so often been the case over the years, they were outmuscled.

Still, all is not lost with a home final next week, which if they win - let's not forget - hands them their most successful season ever. And the Dockers have lots of up-and-comers who'll be better next week for today's experience.

Hopefully, Chris Connolly will be able to find a way for his midfielders to get the ball to the likes of Pavlich and McPharlin a bit more. I think Aaron Sandilands could still play a decisive role up-front this year as well.

No disrespec' to old True Blue, who's entitled to follow whatever team (s)he chooses, but sheesh I hope the Eagles get done this evening.