Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fremantle of success

I see the West Coast Seagulls won their semi tonight. No prizes for second though. The Dockers did the same thing last night. At the same ground too.

Both predictable results, but the tipping from here on in gets a mite difficult. While I can't see the Seagullers beating the Crows in Adelaide next weekend, it would do the Dockers a favour if they did.

Dockers vs Sydney at the Olympic Stadium? You may as well pit Run DMC vs Aerosmith. Sydney is a tough proposition be it in Perth, or abroad in the Eastern States. Still, Freo's flair should carry the day, catapulting them into their first grand final.

Sheesh I hope it's not against the Crows though.


At 3:36 pm, Blogger True Blue said...

Pity Freo's flair didn't carry the ball through the goals more often against the Swans.

Well there's always next year!

GoooOOOO the Seagulls!


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