Monday, May 08, 2006

Each way bet leads to debt.

Please note my against-the-odds derby tip - a Dockers win by the slimmest of margins - very nearly came true, with Fremantle winning by less than a goal as the sun set on Subiaco.

I only wish I hadda picked them in my work comp', where my money was riding on it.


At 3:03 pm, Blogger Quirkie said...

Well stuff me stupid and call me Tuesday!

SuperFreo! is an actual real person, and has a blog to prove it.

I must visit from time to time, if only to offer a viewpoint from within the ranks of those of your fellow Australians who know diddly-squat about football.

Kudos for almost being dead spot on in picking the Derby result. I was up north during the game, and nowhere near the telly, but I could tell who had won from my brother's violent, manly, shouting, followed by his half an hour of disgusted silence.

Yay Dockers! They wear purple and green!

At 7:39 am, Blogger SuperFreo! said...

Purple and green
should always be seen.

Go Dockers!


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