Monday, April 10, 2006

Freo, highs and lows. Hit 'em real hard in the cods below.

Did anyone catch the Wizzardly Wiz's game against Carlton at Subiaco on Saturday night?

I know I did.

What a pearler he had. That sneaky goal, where he dodged what seemed like 25 bluebaggers and popped the pill over his shoulder for a six-pointer, was pure bliss. And he should now be acknowledged for what he is - the best (possibly only) tackler in the Australian Football League.

When the game looked almost won, Wizzy dutifully toed the footy out on the full then spilled a sitter of a mark, refusing to shirk his responsibility to make the match interesting once more. Which, of course, is the mark of a true Docker and why footy fans far and wide acknowledge us as the greatest team in Western Australia. (If not the western world).


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